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When - Where - What - Why of The Engagement at Bradley 2017 (For Everyone)

Engagement 1812 is an annual 1812 festival/reenactment held in Mississauga or nearby environs by Heritage Mississauga.

These events consist of a reenactor's encampment which you can tour and speak to reenactors at, demonstrations of period (early 19th century) warfare and civilian life, and tactical battle reenactments. They also have a "Sutler's Row" (merchant's area) where artisans and small business owners sell historical reproductions, reenactment gear, and a plethora of other items not found (most likely) in your 21st century neighbourhood shops.

It's a chance to step back to the early 1800's with the whole family!

This year's event takes place at The Bradley Museum Complex, located at 1620 Orr Rd, Mississauga, Ontario.

For information on the museum, please visit their website at... https://culture.mississauga.ca/venu/bradley-museum

The museum is located East of Southdown Rd., South of Lakeshore Rd. West.

It is a about a 30 minute drive from Toronto and a 40 minute drive from Hamilton. (Estimates from Google...)

For more "review" information, click here for the Trip Advisor page on the site.

At times, yes... It will include musket and possibly cannon demonstrations, but these (the big ones) are mostly timed and will be ending before 4:00pm (please allow for potential noise until 5pm to "clear" powder and to make the site safe).

If noises are a problem... please have a look at our schedule of events, which should be posted shortly at http://engagement1812.com/index.php/schedule

We hope this helps with any plans for those with concerns.

Members of the public do not need to worry about registering... dressing up is entirely up to you, (you may want to look for new outfits at our historic merchants!) but modern clothes are welcome when it comes to the public!

Entrance fees are handled on site at the door by the museum.

(Reenactors and participants do need to register...)

There will be... As last year, there will be sausages, hot dogs, and back-bacon on a bun. (Sadly, 4 and 20 Blackbirds cancelled coming to the event)

This said, within a ten-minute drive of the museum, there are dozens of good restaurants, pubs, and fast-food outlets to suit almost every taste.

As an example - Every restaurant below in the "map" is within a 12 minute drive (according to Google)...

PARTICIPANTS ONLY - Yes, there will be a "pub deal" again... ONLY available to participants and volunteers.

Space will be on the camp side, but on the Log Cabin (South-East) side, there will be plenty of room... so yes, if you can find a spot outside the camp in the nearby park spaces, (BUT NOT THE BATTLEFIELD PLEASE!) it isn't a problem. Please treat the site respectfully and keep the museum, park, and grounds clean!

This year's event will be SEPTEMBER 15th and 16th, 2018... and although it may change, will likely be open to the public 11am until 4pm.

Mercifully not... but the site has some big connections... one to the Napoleonic era and several to the War of 1812.

Firstly, the Anchorage House on site was the home of retired British Navy Commander John Skynner who was a serving officer during the war with the French in the latter days of the 1700's and early 1800's, who retired to this house... "I have retired…Here I will rest; this is my anchorage." he said in his journals.

As well as Commander Skynner, Lewis Bradley (the museum's namesake and whose home is in the complex,) was main adjutant at the outset of the war of The 2nd York Regiment of Militia and many in his family served during the war.


Nearby was the site of a march from York to the Niagara Region to help repulse the American invasion where - likely - a cannon had to be abandoned and retrieved at a later point...

...and there's a marvellous story of how, again near to the site, Rebecca Thompson, on hearing the American fleet was cruising up and down the lake shore, went down to the water's edge with a musket and fired herself on the fleet... to show there was no "friendly" landing site for a potential invasion.

...so indeed, there is a very strong historical connection to the museum and the wars of the Napoleonic period... but thankfully, Clarkson  itself, other than the sadness and privations of war, was unmolested in the conflict.

Yes! Absolutely!

It is a battle reenactment event, but there will also be much more happening on site to take in... from historic merchants, colouring for kids, music and even dancing at times (see schedules) and craftspeople... not to mention historical displays and touring the buildings!

The event offers a full day for visitors and fans of history!

Yes. This is now an ANNUAL event put on by Heritage Mississauga... HOWEVER... it may change venues from time to time, but will always be attached to Mississauga or very close by environs!

Directions and information on how to get to the event. (For Everyone)

FROM THE 401 -

Exit the highway at Erin Mills Parkway to travel South (all the way along to Southdown). In 2.8km (about two miles - past Royal Windsor Dr.) turn left onto Orr Rd. Travel along Orr Rd. for about 1.3km (about a mile) and the museum is on your right.


Exit the highway at Erin Mills Parkway/Southdown Road and go South (along Southdown). In 2.8km (about two miles - past Royal Windsor Dr.) turn left onto Orr Rd. Travel along Orr Rd. for about 1.3km (about a mile) and the museum is on your right.

FROM HAMILTON (avoiding highways) -

Take York Blvd. to Plains Rd. and turn right. Follow Plains Rd. to Brant St. and turn right.  Follow Brant St. to Lakeshore Rd. and turn left.  Follow Lakeshore Rd. until it becomes Southdown Rd. and follow for about 1.5km.  Turn Left at Orr Rd. for about 1.3km (about a mile) and the museum is on your right.

FROM THE 401 -

Exit the highway at Erin Mills Parkway to travel South (all the way along to Southdown). In 2.8km (about two miles - past Royal Windsor Dr.) turn left onto Orr Rd. Travel along Orr Rd. for about 1.3km (about a mile) and the museum is on your right.


Exit the highway at Erin Mills Parkway/Southdown Road and go South (along Southdown). In 2.8km (about two miles - past Royal Windsor Dr.) turn left onto Orr Rd. Travel along Orr Rd. for about 1.3km (about a mile) and the museum is on your right.

FROM TORONTO (avoiding highways) -

Take Lakeshore Blvd. all the way until it becomes Lakeshore Rd. East and eventually Lakeshore Rd. West. Turn Left on Meadow Wood Rd. and follow 1it to Orr Rd.  Turn right and the site will be immediately on the left-hand side of the road.

FROM THE 401 -

From the 410, 407, or the 404, take the 401 West...

From 8, take the 401 East...

Exit the highway at Erin Mills Parkway to travel South (all the way along to Southdown). In 2.8km (about two miles - past Royal Windsor Dr.) turn left onto Orr Rd. Travel along Orr Rd. for about 1.3km (about a mile) and the museum is on your right.

From Clarkson Go Station, take the Mississauga Transit 23 bus East and hop off at Meadow Wood Rd. - Walk South to Orr Rd. (about twenty minutes at a normal step) and turn left. The camp and museum will be on your right.


From Clarkson Go Station, take the Mississauga Transit 29 bus South on Southdown Rd. which will turn East on Orr Rd. - Hop off at Inverhouse Dr. - Walk East along Orr Rd. (about eighteen minutes at a normal step) and the camp and museum will be on your right.


From Longbranch Loop (TTC) take the 23 Westbound Mississauga Bus for about 30 minutes to Lakeshore Rd. and Meadow Wood. Walk about 15 minutes South on Meadow Wood to the museum... It will be on your right.

Beyond this, cab or "Uber" would be the best options.

Mississauga Taxi
(905) 277-7777

All Star Taxi Service Inc.
(905) 602-0000

Blue & White Taxi
(905) 274-4444

For those wishing to stay close, but not camp, a list of close-at-hand options... (For Everyone)

Heritage Mississauga and Bradley Museum cannot endorse or recommend any businesses as such, but here is a list of close-at-hand hotels and motels to the site listed...

PLEASE NOTE - Caveat Emptor... Please do check through online ratings and review sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Kayak to see if the choice is right for you...

Clarkson Village Motel -
1815 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J7
(905) 822-6110

Admiral Inn & Suites -
2161 N Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5K 1A3
(905) 403-9777

Hampton Inn by Hilton Toronto-Mississauga West -
2085 N Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5K 1S6
(905) 823-8600

Holiday Inn Toronto-Mississauga
2125 N Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5K 1A3
(905) 855-2000

Via Air BnB... Air BnB for Clarkson near the Museum - WEB LINK ONLY

Information about arrival and set-up of the camps and displays. (Mix of answers that will help reenactors and the general public)

Street parking is allowed on Orr Rd. during daylight hours, but is not allowed overnight.

There is limited amount of parking at the museum itself (about twenty spaces)

In addition, there is an unreserved parking lot (35 spaces available) near the site off Apple Lane (South of the event site) which is just over 300 meters from the museum site.

This South lot is not on the regular security patrol for the museum, but for reenactors staying overnight, you can move your vehicles to the museum's parking area overnight if you prefer... provided the laneway is not blocked. (Space here must be on a "first come, first serve" basis.)


IF YOU REQUIRE ACCESSIBLE PARKING, please let us know well in advance and we will work to accommodate your requirements.  Please send your information to us at 2017@engagement1812.com or give the information over the phone to a representative of Heritage Mississauga and let them know it's about accessible parking at Bradley for the event and they will forward the information for you to the coordinators. (905) 828-8411 Ext. 0

Camp and merchant set-up can start at 2pm and roll through to 8pm on Friday, September 14th

Camp set-up can continue Saturday morning until 10:30am.

Vehicles will be allowed to enter the site between these hours (2:00pm - 8pm Friday, 6am to 10:30am Saturday) but please note - the laneway (large driveway) must not be blocked and the parking lot on the site is limited in capacity... so please be kind to your fellow reenactors.

Sunday, tear-down can begin at 3:00pm (please help us limit the amount of cars on site if you can until 4pm)  The site must be emptied by 6:30pm on Sunday.

The museum has request cars stick to paved and gravel paths as much as possible please.

Vehicles will be allowed on site between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

Of course, there will likely be colleagues in the camp all night (which is one layer of protection,) but in addition, the site has some security cameras placed around the camp and is patrolled with regularity (once every 30 minutes to an hour) with a "drive-in" security company.

The battles, scrimmages, and other things that will be happening. (Mix of answers that will help reenactors and the general public)

Of course!

Start times are...

Saturday, 11:30am

Saturday, 2:30pm

Sunday, 1:00pm

(Weather Permitting, of course!)

Yes on a LIMITED basis. Musket demos and use MUST be cleared through the senior officers (and the Crown Forces main RSM) at the event.

MAYBE - We have SOME field space available for certain demonstrations and we're hoping/planning for a musical component inside the barn for the weekend... If you can help with the latter, we're be grateful... if you wish to enquire about the field space for something else, please let Matthew Didier know at matthew@2ndyork.com

SPACE LIMITATION make lots of artillery tricky for the tacticals... so only a maximum of TWO pieces can be fielded during those times... Artillery participation will be on a FIRST REGISTERED basis... any additional artillery beyond that may be for limited demonstration purposes only in the field space available.  Please contact Greg Carraro for more details at greg@2ndyork.com

No. Heritage Mississauga is responsible for needed permits.

Provided it does not impede access to the camp, (ie: set up close to your tent without cutting off access) and it is private sales, yes. As with the sutlers and merchants, there are no fees required to be paid... but you are responsible for your own sales AND sales must be of either specifically "historical reenactor" goods or appropriate to the early 19th century in Upper Canada.

Bradley Museum is charging an entrance fee... public hours for this event will be 11am until 4pm. For 2018, and admission is handled by and through the Bradley Museum (Mississauga Museums and Culture) whose admission fees are posted below...

Adult $6.00 +tax
Student/Senior $4.80 +tax
Child 3-12 $4.80 +tax
Children Under 3


Family (up to 5 people) $15.00 +tax





How to register to be a part of the event. (For reenactors and merchants only)

Registration for 2018 is closed as of now... sorry.

Registration is closed as of now... Sorry.

MAYBE we can squeeze you in... but no promises. 

We absolutely can no longer can offer ANY tent spacing, and "men at arms" is limited to 100 persons... and our meal tickets are already used up, so although we MAY be able to get you involved... but again, no promises.

Registration for reenactors and guests is now closed... sorry.

Yes... but registration is now closed for this event.  Sorry...

No... provided you treated/treat it as any other reeanctment, NO SPECIAL considerations are necessary in terms of insurance.

Information on available food, cooking, and fires. (For reenactors and merchants only)

Sadly, due to the museum's infrastructure and other concerns, no...


There is a communal fire pit near the Bradley House (large house near the road) and any above ground fire options (as period correct as possible, please,) are welcome... so braziers and the like are permitted. (No digging, basically...)  The museum HAS asked that braziers be kept from public "touch" until after 4pm.


Same as last year (which everyone was very happy with) the rather shockingly good back-bacon on a bun breakfast along with coffee and tea.  The bacon/hot dog/sausage folks will be on site all day(s). (Sadly, 4 and 20 Blackbirds have cancelled and will not be attending.)

PLEASE NOTE that the museum is situated near other pubs, restaurants, and "fast food" outlets all within a quick drive.  If you need pointers to some options, please reach out to Greg Carraro via email at greg@2ndyork.com with any details you need.


FIRES: Despite being limited to braziers and the one fire pit, yes, we will be providing firewood for your braziers. (Please keep braziers from "public touch" from 11am until 4pm.) Logistics and quantities will be worked out before the event and can be acquired when you sign in on registration.

ICE: For 2018, with the event being held in mid-September (or, "New Mid-August" Southern Ontario Temperature-Wise,) we have requested a limited supply of ice for Saturday and Sunday morning... it will be offered to folks on a "First Come/First Serve" basis... information on-site will be available through our Reenactor Liaison, Sgt. Phil Booker.

Yes... but the museum will have more details on the weekend.

Information on timing and facilities in terms of getting ready to head home after the event. (For reenactors and merchants only)

Yes, after 4:15pm please... and vehicles may be requested to stay in the laneway or parking area on Saturday (not drive onto the lawns/camp areas). With this restriction, you will mostly likely be less then (est.) 25 yards or meters from your camp to the car...

Camp should be "struck" by 6:45pm... we ask that all participants be off site by 7pm, please.  (Tear-down can begin at 4:00pm...) PLEASE ENSURE ANY OR ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTAINERS ARE REMOVED FROM THE SITE. (We will be providing recycling bags!)

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